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At this perilous moment in our world, Resources for Collaboration & Action! What are YOU doing for 11 Days of Global Unity Sept 11-21?
Sep 10 all-day

To read this online in your browser Click Here
The WE Campaign of We, The World
WE – A global  campaign of We, The World to unite and amplify the efforts
of people, organizations and movements working for the common good 11DaysYouthParade 1DaysNewLogo
11 Days of Global Unity – 11 Ways to Transform Your World
September 11- 21, 2017
Culminating on the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE Sept. 21st

It’s Time to Unite Our Efforts!

Every day we hear about new social, political and environmental challenges for our society and world. Millions of people are concerned about increasing economic insecurity, militarism, and environmental .degradation Growing polarization and intolerance is keeping us from collectively addressing the issues that potentially threaten our civilization’s very existence: The Mass Extinction of Species and Climate Disruption – both of which scientists say may become irreversible in the next 5-10 years if extraordinary action isn’t taken.

If we want a Livable Future, then we believe it is crucial to carry out a strategic collaborative plan for large scale coalition-building, collective action and the promotion of “WE Thinking” that prioritizes the Common Good – the wellbeing of all people and the entire interdependent web of life. 11 Days of Global Unity and the 11 Campaigns for Change provide a powerful platform to carry out this plan.


Join the Action – WE will promote your activities during 11 Days of Global Unity!

What are you and your group doing that contributes to peace, sustainability and transformation? We will work with you to get the word out to a global audience!

Free Resources for Collaboration & Action
11 Days of Global Unity 11 Campaigns to Transform Your World

Generous Support from our Friends makes all of this Possible!

Make a

Free Promotional Resources
For Your Group’s Programs

Post your Events and Announcements

This Public International Calendar is compatible with Timely, Google, Outlook, Apple and many other calendars so you can easily Subscribe and Synchronize your group’s calendar events to it.

When you post your social change or cultural events on our Calendar, the post shows up on many other websites as well for added global exposure!

Trends in Global Grassroots Organizing

Trends Newsfeed:

Our New Platform Featuring
The Change Agents & Movements
Peace, Justice, Sustainability & Transformation


We invite you to submit a Trend Report on your organization’s work for our online magazine Trends and for our ongoing Trends Newsfeed

WE-Bubble-11Days 11Days11Themes-Unify


To Register Your Organization: Click Here

Your Group’s Name, Link, Mission, Focus Areas, Goals and Action Steps will be added to our 11 Days Participation Directory for a global audience! To Sign-up your group CLICK HERE

To Become a Campaign Coordinator: Click Here

We, The World is seeking highly motivated individuals, passionate about creating social change to positively impact people and the planet. If you want to join the WE Team CLICK HERE.

11 Global Unity Campaigns
For Change

    Campaign Descriptions HERE
    Organization Directory HERE

(Note: These Themes support the UN Sustainable Development Goals)


Theme 1 Campaign: UNITY

    Become a Coordinator of this Campaign HERE

    Sign-up your organization HERE
    Donate to the Unity Campaign:


    Become a Coordinator of this Campaign HERE
    Sign-up your organization HERE
    Donate to the Interdependence Campaign:

Theme 3 Campaign: ENVIRONMENT

    Become a Coordinator of this Campaign HERE
    Sign-up your organization HERE
    Donate to the Environment Campaign:

Theme 4 Campaign: ECONOMIC JUSTICE

    Become a Coordinator of this Campaign HERE
    Sign-up your organization HERE
    Donate to the Economic Justice Campaign:

Theme 5 Campaign: HEALTH

    Become a Coordinator of this Campaign HERE
    Sign-up your organization HERE
    Donate to the Health Campaign:

Theme 6 Campaign: CHILDREN & YOUTH

    Become a Coordinator of this Campaign HERE
    Sign-up your organization HERE
    Donate to the Children & Youth Campaign:

Theme 7 Campaign: WOMEN

    Become a Coordinator of this Campaign HERE
    Sign-up your organization HERE
    Donate to the Women Campaign:

Theme 8 Campaign: HUMAN RIGHTS

    Become a Coordinator of this Campaign HERE
    Sign-up your organization HERE
    Donate to the Human Rights Campaign:

Theme 9 Campaign: FR EEDOM

    Become a Coordinator of this Campaign HERE
    Sign-up your organization HERE
    Donate to the Freedom Campaign:

Theme 10 Campaign: DISARMAMENT

    Become a Coordinator of this Campaign HERE
    Sign-up your organization HERE
    Donate to the Disarmament Campaign:

Theme 11 Campaign: PEACE

    Become a Coordinator of this Campaign HERE
    Sign-up your organization HERE
    Donate to the Peace Campaign:

See Complete Campaign Descriptions HERE
Cooperation & Coordination with New Global Allies
HelenKellerQuote Contact our Coordination Team at:

WE will facilitate:

  • Cross Promotion on websites, social media
  • Joint Calls to Action: campaigns, rallies, town meetings, conferences, teach-ins
  • Coordinated Media Press Releases and Press Conferences

If you and your group create it, we’ll promote it during 11 Days of Global Unity! September 11 – 21

  • festivals
  • concerts
  • public forums
  • town meetings
  • press releases
  • press conferences
  • discussions and advertising on major and independent media
  • PSAs on major and independent media
  • tele-summits, tele-forums & tele-seminars
  • conferences
  • campaigns
  • petitions
  • call-ins to society’s leaders , CEOs, media outlets, etc
  • house parties
  • civic actions
  • rallies
  • tent cities
  • occupations of public space
  • flash mobs
  • teach-ins
  • campus clubs
  • student and other youth actions
  • media appearances
  • arts presentations and performances
  • celebrations
  • vigils
  • parades
  • marches

Key objectives:

  • To ignite public interest and involvement
  • To generate mass support for organizations and coalitions whose practices are beneficial to the planet
  • To increase pressure and action regarding: current crucial issues, social injustice, habitat/species destruction, unethical corporate or other institutional activities, upcoming decisions that will affect many people’s lives, and so on.

11 Days of Global Unity

September 11-21, 2017

Deep Dialogues on Each of the 11 Themes of Change

Featuring Visionary Thinkers
& Activists
This year including:

Ralph Nader, Marianne Williamson, 
Robert Thurman,
Nwamaka Agbo ,
Michael Beckwith
, Sande Hart, Jonathan Granoff,
and many others!

Participate by computer or phone from anywhere worldwide!

Pre-Register for FREE:

New voices are emerging
that may have an unexpected influence
in high places…

Urgent Message Video Image An Urgent Message From Your Children
Are you alarmed about the kind of world our children will grow up in? They are too! If you or your friends have environmentally concerned children who are 12 years old or younger in your life, here is an opportunity for them to express their fears, concerns and hopes for the future in a simple video.

An Urgent Message >From Your Children at is a Public Service Video Series featuring children under 13 speaking in their own words to adults, making an appeal to all of us to respond with appropriate urgency.At you’ll see 20 inspiring kids speaking in their own words, and learn how the children in your life can create and upload their own videos to add their voice for a Livable Future.Let’s spark a global children’s movement that gets the attention of those in power and helps to create major change!

WE begins with YOU!

Your generous tax deductible Donation will help us to continue and expand our global network of collaboration and action!

With your Support we will:

  • Expand cooperation and coordination between like-minded socially conscious organizations and businesses
  • Synchronize calls to action
  • Coordinate Press Releases and Press Conferences
  • Convene public forums, conferences and tele-summits that Connect The Dots
  • Carry out a Media Campaign that includes Public Service Announcements for TV, radio, YouTube and other social media.
  • Engage the participation of local campus & community groups
  • Reach out to the millions of “Cultural Creatives” in the USA and worldwide that value social & economic justice, environmental stewardship, peace, nonviolence, holistic health, spirituality, business social responsibility, compassion, personal growth, global awareness, indigenous wisdom and “WE” consciousness.

Thank you!

Rick Ulfik – Founder of We, The World
and the WE Campaign at
11 Days of Global Unity
11 Ways to Transform Your World

The Extraordinary Highlights from 11 Days of Global Unity 2016!

See All 11 Days 2016 Featured Allies and Events:

If you think organizing for change is more important now than ever before, please consider supporting our efforts with a generous donation and connecting us with potential major funders. We are working to create unprecedented cooperation and coordination between the world’s transformative grassroots movements. Our goal is to build public support and political will for solutions (like renewable energy) that create sustainability and peace for all.

Thank you!

Rick Ulfik
Founder of We, The World and the WE Campaign at
11 Days of Global Unity 11 Ways to Change Your World
Trends in Global Grassroots Organizing , Trends Newsfeed
An Urgent Message From Your Children at – See and post social change and cultural events worldwide!
Renewable Energy Media Campaign and Movement
Volunteer Sign-up:
Organization Sign-up:
Donation Page:
Facebook Twitter

Global Unity Games: Tomorrow Together #CompassionUnites @ All over the world
Sep 11 – Sep 21 all-day

What are the Global Unity Games?

The Global Unity Games: Tomorrow Together are an 11 day challenge to bring about unprecedented unity in communities around the world through compassionate action and service.

The Global Unity Games begin on 9/11, a National Day of Service and Remembrance, and continue through 9/21, the International Day of Peace. This period of time is known as the 11 Days of Global Unity.

In the days following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, our world experienced a time of unprecedented unity as people cast aside their differences and rose in service in the spirit of love and compassion. The Global Unity Games honor this legacy of compassion by bringing people around the world together to strive toward a better tomorrow through collective acts of service and kindness.

The Compassion Games is partnering with a broad coalition of non-profits, businesses, government agencies, universities, and organizations and groups to play together and sustain a 5-year campaign called Tomorrow Together. As expressed in the Global Unity Games, the goals of Tomorrow Together are to:

  • 1. Ignite young people to express their strong desire for unity and change in the world
  • 2. Build unity, empathy and service among young people of all faiths, races and ethnicities.
  • 3. Establish 9/11 as a catalyst, mobilization and inflection point that continues the legacy of service and supports achieving the vital Sustainable Development Goals set for 2030.

Individuals and teams from all over the world can sign up to play and participate in the upcoming September 2016 Global Unity Games: Tomorrow Together.

SIGN UP HERE for 2017

World Day of Prayer @ Unity Village
Sep 13 @ 7:45 pm – Sep 14 @ 9:00 pm
World Day of Prayer @ Unity Village | Unity Village | Missouri | United States

Please join us at Unity Village for the 24th annual Unity World Day of Prayer!

Weds, Sept 13:
* 7-8:30pm Opening Service in the Activities Center with keynote by Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett. Music by Jana Stanfield. A candlelight walk to the Silent Unity Chapel will follow to open the 24-hour prayer vigil.
* 8:45pm Reception at Unity Banquet and Dining.

Thurs, Sept 14:
* 7:30-9am Interfaith Prayer Breakfast at Unity Banquet and Dining – In Person & Live Online.
* 11am Silent Unity Prayer Service in Activities Center – In Person & Live Online.
* 1:30pm Sacred Circle prayer experience in the central courtyard by flagpole
* 2:30-3:30 Sound Immersion (Gongs) in Activities Center – In Person & Live Online
* 3:30-5pm Art Gallery opening and Poetry Reading behind the bookstore.
* 4-6pm Open House for Unity Worldwide Ministries in Unity Education Building.
* 7-8pm Inspirational Concert by Jana Stanfield and closing celebration – In Person & Live Online.
* 8pm Closing of the 24-hour prayer vigil in the Silent Unity Chapel.

All events are free and open to the public. No registration required.
Donations gratefully accepted.